Hi, I am Alejandro Machado.

I am a software designer and engineer.

I hold a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Universidad Simón Bolívar.

See how I'm spending my time now.

Here are some of my projects.


I worked at zazzle.com as a location-independent UI designer during early 2015. Collaborating closely with the rest of the Design Team in California, I followed a quick research–explore–prototype methodology to develop Zazzle's style guide and improve consistency across their digital channels: website, mobile apps and emails.

Three examples of UI redesign proposals that I delivered.

During the summer of 2014, I interned as an Experience Designer with Zazzle's Product Team. We studied user archetypes by developing personas from customer visits and designed a push notifications service for Zazzle's mobile app. My friend Matt Appleby and I envisioned and prototyped a new app using Sketch, Quartz Composer and the iOS SDK.

Some insights gathered from a customer during his visit, details of a user's interaction with the notifications center, and a prototype of the novel app concept running on the iOS simulator.

MHCI Capstone Project: Spark

As part of a team of four, in 2014 I worked with a multimedia agency based in Funchal to design and develop an application to foster well-being by encouraging people to participate in unexpected daily challenges.

We conducted exhaustive research and tested prototypes of varied fidelities, throughout several iterations, as a means to refining our concept and delivering a product that is both useful and usable. A more detailed account can be found on the project's official website.

Besides leading the user research efforts with my teammates, I built working prototypes of the application using the iOS SDK. Our team performed usability tests with these models so that we could quickly decide what changes to make, based on the users' feedback.

An illustration of our final concept, a frame of our concept video, and screenshots of our final prototype.


In the context of solving human problems using computers, the most daunting challenge lies not on the technical process of building a piece of software, but in crafting an experience that puts people in the center, where the system communicates clearly and empowers the user to achieve her goals. This is where thoughtful design and solid engineering meet.

First, I strive to obtain a deep understanding of people's needs with user research techniques. With these insights, I identify a problem by making informed assumptions that will have to be re-examined in future iterations. Next, I explore the solution space by thinking creatively, often with groups of people.

Then comes the part I most enjoy working in: prototyping. It is about marrying what has been envisioned by design to what can be built (quickly) by engineering, and putting it in front of the people for a humbling lesson that makes you learn and reiterate.